Artist Statement:

The focus of texture represents my artwork to create a 3 Dimensional effect. I have a passion for creating and I consider these paintings to be a purely experimental, including various textures and mediums that I instill into each piece to include the canvas surface, fabric materials, feathers, plaster, varnish, gesso, gel, oil pastels, acrylic and oil paint. The paintings portray a sculptural effect that is considered solely for abstraction purposes creating a tactile surface quality. I am pursuing abstract, texturalized original works of art. I consider these a process of examining the relationship between textures and ideas to make a literal connection of creativity. I aim to portray interactive play among each visual form in order to allow each piece to interact. I consider the exploration a connection between color to relate to the inner translation and background of what is acceptable from the point of an artist. I find that the psychological motives of an artist can allow communication of an innermost exploration between various mediums.  The discovery of form focuses on how different medias and textures react upon different surfaces under a lighted view and layered against one another together. I consider these paintings to be a purely physical, hand on making process. I make use of a thick paint application process, built up through the surface textures, turning a recognizable object into something abstract. I love utilizing multiple materials and layers within one painting to create a disguised view on first glance of the abstracted textures. Within my own artwork, I make use of clutter by bringing disorder out of order to include organic and geometric shapes throughout along with the varying color schemes. The works are done on canvas and wood bringing in various found materials and objects. My approach to form includes the texture and surface buildup of the paintings themselves. I enjoy doing paneled pieces that allow the repetition of the various textures to unify each of the paintings yet at the same time allowing for each to stand for them self. I’m also interested in the conceptual aspect of the paintings in terms of the content. A visionary factor will portray an innovative approach that allows the viewer to touch, see, and walk among the artwork. I make use of a thick paint application process and varying color schemes that build upon one another throughout the various surface textures and lastly, I turn the recognizable objects into the abstracted. I love varying color and texture, which in return forces the viewer to react differently to various colors next to one another. Creating artwork that lures the viewer into making them want to reach out and touch the actual artwork is the focus of what I am attempting to captivate. The end result portrays a “one of a kind” piece. Being aware of what other artists have done is essential to staying current. Being able to ask oneself where we fit in within the art world is an important factor to consider. The differences among various artists are key to understanding one’s own artwork. There are several artists who have inspired me personally as an artist and how I interpret my own artwork include: Frank Stella, Elizabeth Murray, Van Gogh, Terry Winters and Jackson Pollock.


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